Kakira Sugar.

Kakira first started with only 800 acres in 1918 to start sugar production; today sugar cane is cultivated for Kakira on over 38,000 hectares.

Kakira started production in 1930 and the then colonial Governor, who was the chief guest at the plant inauguration, expressed his doubts that Kakira would ever be able to sell sugar in Uganda.

Kakira sustains more than 8,500 farmers and their families, employs 7,500 people and it is a source of livelihood to more than 100,000 persons. The Company houses all its employees, and provides them the facilities of twelve schools as well as a 75-bed hospital on the complex.

Under its modernisation and expansion programme, Kakira has recently installed the largest high pressure boiler in Africa.

By the end of 2013, Kakira will generate a total of 48 MW of electricity, out of which 32 MW will be supplied to the Uganda grid. This will be the largest renewable bagasse-cogeneration facility in Africa.

Besides sugar, Kakira also produces a range of world-class hard-boiled confectionery.