Kentainers Limited (and its sister companies with similar manufacturing operations – Crestanks Limited in Uganda, Aquasan Limited in Rwanda, Aquasan Burundi s.a in Burundi and Aquasan South Sudan Limited in South Sudan) provide following Solutions individually or as part of Aquasante Packages. They truly transform forever the lives of Smallholder families, by enabling them to use their land and labour round-the-year for improved crop and dairy farming and livestock production, improve nutrition, produce and sell milk, egg, food and cash crops and ensure food security and raise incomes multifold, save, invest and create wealth.

AQUATANK the CompleteRainwater Harvesting and Storage Solution.

PERMAWELL brand double-walled liners for hand dug shallow wells (which can be lined within a day) to access water for round-the-year BlueFlame BioSlurryGaz brand highly efficient anaerobic system that generates “at home” from own farm material every day free nutrient rich organic fertiliser and biogas.

GranSilo brandto store produce safely and significantly reduce post-harvest losses.

MOBILET brand urine diverting Mobile Toilet Blocks.

MOBILETUrine diverting toilet and EkoLoo Toilet.

SaniSlab, EkoSlab and WonderLoo brand easy to install fully ecological toilet slabs and pedestals – for safe indoor home sanitation.

AquaSanTec OneStop Packages for Smallholders comprising AQUATANK, PERMAWELL, one of the Sanitation Solutions(SaniSlab, EkoSlab, Wonderloo, Mobilet or EkoLoo), BlueFlame BioSlurriGaz and GranSilo.

AquaSanTec’s OneStop Packages for Schools and other institutions.

InMotion brand Material Handling Solutions for the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Kentank companies are seen by their Development Partners and the Industrial and Agricultural Sectors in each country as the leaders and pioneers in the fields of water, sanitation, organic fertilizer and biogas, grain storage and material handling.

They are their first port of call in the respective countries to solve their problem and provide them with a superior and cost-effective solution for their needs.