Kenya Wildlife Service.

KWS contributes to the energy sector through geothermal plants at Hell’s Gate.

KWS is responsible for managing and protecting the critical water catchments Of Mt Kenya, the Aberdares, Mt Elgon, Chyulu, and Marsabit.

The ten marine parks and reserves that KWS manages are critical breeding areas for sea life, sustaining the country’s fishing industry.

Tsavo East and Tsavo West combined is about the size of Israel (about 20,000 sq kms).

The smallest park managed by KWS is Saiwa Swamp which stands at 2.9 sq kms

Every December 16th, KWS holds a Heroes Day to remember those rangers who have lost their lives in the course of conservation and the fight against poaching.

Central Island has the largest breeding crocodile population in the world.