Tanzanian Distillers limited (TDL) is a subsidiary of Tanzania Breweries Limited. Its key focus is the production, sale and distribution of wines and spirits. Konyagi is the flagship brand of the company but there also other brands, including Valeur Superior
Brandy, Viceroy Brandy, Knights Whisky, Regency Whisky, Count Pushkin Vodka,Vladimir Vodka, Zanzi Cream Liqueur, Amarula Cream Liqueur , Nederburg
Wine, Drostdy-Hof, Overmeer Wine, Imagi wine, Dodoma Wine and Savanna Premium Cider.

Konyagi, dubbed as the Spirit of the Nation was first produced in 1970, thus making it one of the oldest Tanzanian brands.

Konyagi is a 35% ABV. crystal clear spirit with a citrus taste and aroma. The flavour is distinctively Konyagi and can be complemented with a wide range of mixers, which can be found on the Brand’s very own cocktail menu “Konyagi Cocktails”.

The success of the Brand is created by the pride and commitment of the staff and the aggressiveness of the marketing and sales team.

Konyagi is also being exported to other markets, such as Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda.