NITI Technologies.

CURSOR reached more than 25 countries in less than two years in business.

CURSOR is one of the fastest growing IT manufacturing brands on the market.

It has its own quality control team and engineer in  China to manage the overall product assembly operation and to ensure top quality production.

Before production of any new Product it undergoes through more than ten product samples testing then it will be approved and finalized by the product department team in Dubai.

Niti Group turns over annually $200 million revenue from resellers in eleven countries.

Niti Group sees 2,000 reseller customer interactions per day.

Niti Group is ranked among the top five distribution companies in Africa.

Nit Group was the first IT Distribution Company in Africa to become QMS ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Nit Group has more than 6,000 plus active partners across their country presence.

Niti Group encourages the Green Efficiency approach by promoting recycling
of hazardous components.

Niti Group takes seriously its Corporate Social Responsibility towards community development.

Niti Group was awarded Top 100 SME 2013 companies in UAE – ranked 26th place and SME CLUB-101 Kenya for East Africa, ranked sixth place on the basis of financial growth.