Radio One FM.

Radio One is the dominant English speaking radio station for in-car listening because
over 90% of car radios in Uganda stop at Radio One’s frequency, 90 FM.

Spectrum is the longest-running interactive radio talkshow (fourteen years and counting!) in Uganda.

Radio One has given away several quality cars since it opened in 1997 including a brand new Jeep Cherokee in 2004 and a sporty Toyota Platz on its tenth birthday in 2007.

Radio One is the official radio broadcast partner for the biggest charity event in Uganda, the annual MTN Kampala Marathon, for the sixth year running.

Radio One is the first radio station to become a Superbrand in Uganda.

Its Sister station, Radio Two ‘Akaboozi 87.9fm’ is the first and only private sector vernacular news talk radio station, broadcasting in Luganda, the other commercial language of Uganda.

Radio One sits on “the pulse of the city”. Its studios are located in the middle of Central Kampala.