Safaricom owns 30% of TEAMS Capacity which means that there is 30.6 Gigabits per second(Gbps) of Submarine Capacity available. The TEAMS system is designed to a capacity of 1.24 Terabits per second and therefore huge potential to manage Wholesale Business in the entire East Africa region.

The World of Difference WOD is a Safaricom Foundation programme that provides opportunity to staff and the public to take part in a life changing experience and to strengthen the foundation’s partnerships with both its project partners and with local communities served by our partners. This programme gives staff the unique opportunity to be paid to work for their charity of choice for a period of three months where they use their diverse skills to build capacity and setup systems that eventually strengthen the beneficiary organisations capacity the ability to deliver quality services to their clients. By providing support to skilled people with a passion to work for charity, it provides new talent to the charities and taps into their energy and ambition to deliver more to the charity than money alone can give.