Sarova is Kenya’s largest independently owned and managed hotel group.

Sarova has a signature food experience, “ Best of Kenya” taking guests on a culinary journey through different flavors of Kenyan Cuisine.

Sarova Cares Initiative, the CSR arm of the business, has been recognised for contribution in areas of Health, Education and Environmental concern.

“Kitchens of Sarova” is the leader in outdoor catered for events and has catered for high level banquets including Head-of-States banquets.

Sarova Stanley is the custodian of Nairobi history: The first crate of Tusker beer was served here in 1922.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth was hosted at the hotel for a banquet in 1952, hours before ascending to her throne.

The first Nairobi Stock Exchange operated from the present day Exchange bar at Sarova Stanley.