Vitafoam Products Limited is a franchise of British Vita even today!

The secret to the company’s success is its loyal customers as well as the company’s human resources, commitment to quality and strong business ethics and foundation.

Vitafoam Products Limited has another branch in Mombasa along Chai Street in Shimanzi.

The Shahs are well known for their philanthropy which is a legacy deeply instilled in Vitafoam. The company reaches out to society through several Corporate Social Initiatives including funding of childrens’ homes, sponsoring of needy and less fortunate young people to pursue education at all levels.

Vitafoam celebrates its 45th Anniversary in 2012.

Vitafoam not only produces environmentally friendly products but also ensures that the company runs under eco-friendly guidelines, recycling is a very important aspect of the company. Vita Talalay, from Netherlands, sold only to Vitafoam’s across the

Vitafoam is coming up with new and exciting products that will change quality of sleep in East Africa.