Anil-IshaniAnil Ishani,

ADVOCATE AND FELLOW – Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

SUPERBRANDS have become who is who in commercial and industrial world. Any Company or Corporation which does not appear in the Superbrands would not in my opinion have a profile in the commercial sector. The 3 Editions of the Superbrands have placed Superbrands as an international publication for quality products and service in East Africa.

A brand empowers Companies to achieve quality products and service which ingredients are vital to any commercial organization which is of any value. Superbrand enables customers to select products based on certain criteria. Today in this competitive world of commerce Superbrands provides this valuable service and contribution towards customer’s requirements.

AASHIQ-IMAGEAashiq Sharriff,

CEO – Startel Tanzania Ltd

Think of a search engine. What comes to mind? Google!

Think of a social network. What comes to mind? Facebook.

Think of a famous bodybuilder. Who comes to mind? Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Think of an innovative tech company. Which one comes to mind? Apple.

These are all examples of Superbrands – brands that have become synonymous with the services and products they provide.

They are the first company that consumers think of, the first ones that consumers turn to.

They are companies that pursue excellence – the ones competitors envy and try to emulate.

Excellence, quality, VIP service and integrity are not just buzzwords floating around on their mission statements, but values that Superbrands live by every single day and in every way.

To build a Superbrand takes commitment; to maintain a Superbrand status year after year takes even more commitment – but it’s a commitment that’s absolutely worth it!

Chris-HarrisonChris Harrison,


What makes a Superbrand.

Branding is not complicated – but neither is it easy.

A brand is a value proposition you construct for almost anything. Your granny is a brand. There are brands in medicine and education, the Law, religion, even politicians.

Branding began with livestock. If my cows bore an H mark it was easy for me to recognise them. It was a mark of ownership. When I got better at rearing cattle, people in the marketplace would notice that cows with the H brand were fatter and glossier. The mark became a signal of added value. Bidders would pay more.

A Superbrand is instantly recognisable and its value proposition is clear. It helps if people like it too!

Desiree-GomesDesiree Gomes,

Managing Partner – Engage

A Superbrand is like the tallest kid in class, it stands out conspicuously. It is visible even at the back of the line or in a massive crowd, you can never miss it. Furthermore it shapes conversations amongst all publics and doesn’t have to shout to do so. It naturally and effortlessly commands attention.

In addition to the tall kid analogy, a Superbrand also appeals strongly to its target audiences. It adequately meets consumer demands and stands the test of time. Years on, weathering paradigm shifts and market storms, a Superbrand adapts and maintains relevance. Nothing transcends the immense devotion from its customers.

Esther-NgomeliEsther Ngomeli,

MANAGING DIRECTOR – Media Edge Interactive Ltd

Superbrands are brands that continuously impact and provide a wholesome experience to the varied stakeholders it interacts with, be it consumer, employee, supplier, shareholder etc.

With the evolving competitive landscape, brands that seek to attain the Superbrand status must therefore start focussing beyond the consumer to other stakeholders who are critical to the overall business delivery and performance.

The next frontier for brands will be more than just offering high quality products/services, delivered on time, at the right place, competitively priced with high return on investment; but will be leveraged through establishing connections and intimacy with all stakeholders as a new source of competitive advantage.


CEO – METL Group

A brand only becomes a Superbrand when it is driven by passion and the consumers recognize the brand as part of their daily lives.

The brand does not have to be of the highest quality or of the lowest price, but it has to reside in the mind of the consumer and make a connection with the consumers enough that they are loyal to the brand and cannot do without it.


DIRECTOR – Madhvani Group

A superbrand is not only an independent arbiter on branding, but a brand that consumers will choose above all others as a result of brand perception and their emotional affinity towards the brand .

Superbrands go beyond the mere regular brand to create a product image that customers will remain loyal to and not compromise on paying premium for.

A brand becomes a superbrand  after achieving and maintaining superior customer service as well as by producing products of the best quality.


DIRECTOR – Sameer Investments Ltd

Throughout my upbringing, my parents bought only one brand of bathing soap. When I finally set up on my own guess what bathing soap I bought?

Eventually I got married and we tried different brands with my wife and eventually we settled on… you guessed right, that same brand. Now my children are grown and married and… need I say more?

The same brand graces their bathrooms. That is the power of a superbrand. It transcends brand attributes and simply lingers while galvanizing loyalty beyond reason.

Tony-GTony Gatheca,

CEO – Transcend Media

The all important word in as far as a Super brand goes is CONNECTION.

When a brand connects with a consumer it means it is relevant to his/her life and the customer derives a need to consume it. This may not necessarily be a necessity but a want that the consumer feels will uplift his lifestyle or spirit. When you look at a Harley Davidson for instance it’s users feel very satisfied owning and riding one more so to fulfill a need of belonging as to opposed to it being merely a mode of transport, this is because the brand has positioned itself to cater for a unique niche or category of people who derive immense pleasure from it and do not even mind its hefty price tag to purchase one.

Super brands are those brands that continuously remain relevant and keep connecting with their customers even as they age and still appeal to the new younger customers through generations.


CEO – Bidco Oil Refineries Ltd

A Superbrand is a brand that has been around for some time, made it big in terms of sales and top of the mind awareness – despite market upheavals and wannabe upstarts with a permanent and indelible mark on the psyche of the consumer. Large volumes, driving profits with efficient marketing and not vulgarly expensive, it could have a cult following. A Superbrand ceases to be just a product and becomes a statement – of lifestyle or otherwise. A Superbrand arouses passion catalyzed by loyalty and attachment that defies logic as much as love or infatuation at its highest peaks but unlike the later, persists for long sometimes being passed on from generation to generation.  To become a Superbrand is the frenetic aspiration of every new born product but only a few can ever rise to that level as the path is fraught with obstacles and competition that has had a head start. A Superbrand in the present world is a rarity and needs to be much respected for its iconic status because it is so difficult to attain that status given today’s consumers are different, highly evolved and the channels of communication and reach are undergoing a paradigm shift.

Yolanda-Engell-AndersenYolanda Tavares

Managing Director – Yolanda Tavares PR Ltd

Companies, products and services are fast catching on, that recognition as a Super Brand must now be part of their DNA – and the sheer numbers listed in the respective categories was the evidence.

To be a Superbrand, you must stand out. The experience with your customer or consumer should be a memorable one – and a positive experience is the goal. Today, engaging with that vital component of your brand is almost out of your control. Technology has truly changed our lives – making the relevance of brands much more fragile. A Superbrand must be able to withstand the onslaught of social media, and to be able to react quickly. Bad news travels faster.

To remain a Superbrand will seem much more challenging having been awarded this accolade. You must work harder than ever. We are after all human.